Game Rules

The Game Rules

  1. All participants will be randomly arranged in a chain with each participant assigning an album for review to the next person.
  2. The assigned albums must be available on streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer or Youtube. All participants must have access to these services.
  3. The proposed album can belong to any era, artist, genre or time period. More obscure ones are encouraged but this is not a rule – you can assign well-known albums as well (or whatever your heart desires).
  4. The reviews should be longer than three sentences but there is no length limit. Please be honest and write how you really feel about the album you’ve listened to.
  5. You CANNOT refuse to review or negotiate the album you have been assigned. You have to review the exact album given to you regardless of whether you like the genre or not, or whether you have heard this album before or not. Asking for a substitution of the album is only allowed if the proposed album is unavailable online.
  6. The purpose of the game is introducing fellow members of the group to good music, expanding the boundaries of music you like and just having fun.
  7. If you are unable to submit your review on time, please ask for extension of the deadline.
  8. If you know you will be very busy in the following couple of weeks, you can opt out of the current round and join us in the next one!
  9. If your review is overdue, you cannot rejoin the game until you have submitted your tardy review.

Formatting Rules

  1. Before posting a review to the google doc, please spell-check it and make sure there are no typos.
  2. Get rid of double spaces, because when reformatting the text for the blog it looks terrible with double spaces between words, the whole formatting goes down the drain.
  3. Please avoid unnecessary formatting in general (like italics and bold type). If you need to stress something, type it IN CAPS.