THE STOOGES – Metallic K.O. (1976)

Review by: Charly Saenz

First thing I love about this album: it was recorded by a fan friend with an open reel machine: Cool. 

Want more? It began its story as a bootleg, in 1976, an important year as Punk scene was just getting stronger. And yes, many listeners will find Punk colors here, but beyond the attitude (and the “explicit” lyrics), what I find here is pure rock and roll.

I hear Jerry Lee Lewis, I hear the Doors (I would almost expect an “I’ve got my mojo risin'” on “Head On”), lots of raw rawk, no prisoners taken.

“Gimme Danger” is the kind of song you buy an album for. Its mid tempo is hot, it’s menacing, as Iggy, like a tired but anxious monster sings “There’s nothing in my dreams/Just some ugly memories”.. 

The thing is, obviously the Stooges had some massive fun onstage, and they didn’t give a damn for anything except to play and play. Harder, dirtier. That’s the spirit (“There’s not enough chaos in music”, said Jim M.), that’s what you do when you’re into this rock and roll business; you have fun, you have your say, and eventually they’ll come to you, the fans, the believers. Even if it takes years to find out you ever existed.. 

And that’s how you get stuff like “Rich Bitch”, a song that is almost built brick by brick.. Live. Because it wouldn’t work, the guys just kept missing the beat; but you have Iggy and he’ll make it work, right? Incredibly long, but who cares? This is a serious bootleg, that’s all. 

And there at the very end you get the “Louie Louie” we can only expect from Iggy and his partners. Three minutes of pure blood and sparks, a repetitive guitar, a somehow misplaced piano playing to fill in holes.. Not a plan here, indeed. We’re going nowhere, we’re just rocking. Gimme more. 

Nah, that’s more than enough. Probably the only live albums that should exist are bootlegs, after all. And seven songs long, and let’s go home.

Play it loud, baby.