HINDS – Leave Me Alone (2016)

Review by: Eric Pember
Album assigned by: Viudas Tormo

This is maybe one of the most generic rock albums I have ever heard, and possibly one of the most generic albums period that I have ever heard.

It rocks, but not too heavily. It’s punky, but not in a threatening way. The singing and playing are good, but not good or distinct enough to draw attention to the band members. The songs are decently-written, but not well-written enough to have their hooks jump out at you. The production is nice-sounding, but seemingly has the dynamics sucked out of it. It’s emotional, but not emotional enough to make you feel what the band members are singing.

This is basically just the kind of music that hipsters who want to say something but don’t particularly have anything to say would make, and the kind of rock that hipsters who want to rock but don’t particularly know how to would make. 

Of course, not all hipsters are like that, and indeed there are some hipsters out there who know how to make good music and know how to rock. For example, take a look at Cloud Nothings, whose early work showed a lot of promise and who have just kept getting better and better.

However, few hipsters seem willing to go beyond the boundaries of hipsterdom and actually get in contact with music and rock’s legacy, so most hipsters will just keep making hipster rock for hipsters to groove to for a while before the next good hipster rock album comes along.