A YEAR IN MUSIC: WEEN – GodWeenSatan: The Oneness (1990)

Review by: Francelino Prazeres de Azevedo Filho

I had already listened to The Mollusk a few times before I tried this album, in my opinion it was a good album, but nothing spectacular. I got to download GWS more out of George Starostin’s praise of this album rather than anything else. The first two or three times I put GWS on my headphones, nothing came out but disappointment: it was a huge cacophonous mess.

To give it one last chance, I put it on the USB drive I use on my car, as I like to discover new music on my routine driving. It came up when I was going from home to college one day, and this time it was different. You Fucked Up, Tick, I’m in the Mood to Move, it was trully a mess, but not cacophonous, or at least the good kind of cacophonous! Somehow the album finally got to me, and I could see both the trees and the forest! There are few things one can experience in their life better than when you first perceive an album’s greatness, it is a sublime experience, and that day will always be in my memory. By the time the album diversified into stuff like Up on the Hill or Nicole, it felt like my mind was being opened to a whole new musical universe, but with an axe! I actually got to college before the album was through, but the rest of it surely didn’t disappoint, with Squelch the Weasel being a prog-parody better than the whole of The Mollusk. I’ll never forget that day, and I’ll always treasure GodWeenSatan as the musical marvel it is!