РАНЕТКИ (RANETKI) – Ранетки (Ranetki) (2008)

Review by: Charly Saenz
Album assigned by: Dinar Khayrutdinov

Funny how commercial music can be totally impervious to their original country’s culture. Or anything else for the matter. This music could have been made in Buenos Aires, Madrid or in Seattle, but well, the girls come from Russia (except Lena, the bass player who’s from Poland: enough with the trivia).

They are bold enough to play a total “Satisfaction” ripoff in “Naslazhdajsja”. Girls don’t sing bad when they don’t sing like a Powerpuff Army (chorus in “Mal’chishki – Kadety”) and they don’t scream (first track); in that case they are sound like my neighbour’s wife when he doesn’t cut the grass on sundays. These are efficient bubble-pop-fake-rockers, I guess. “Ej Ne Do Sna” stands out a little, with some interesting riff (only heard half of it but it was good). There are some ballads as expected. Not sure why “Serdce Ne Spit” has a slightly Brazilian vibe: does not work. 

“Alisa” is .. Rock and roll. It made me laugh out loud. Almost to the brink of tears. 

God this is a bit painful (I don’t recommend to buy the album on vinyl) but Cheyenne is still way worse! By now the girls are older, let’s hope they’re moving to singer-songwriter stuff, we still need a new Joni Mitchell. Or Four!

Author: tomymostalas


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