DENIM – Back in Denim (1992)

Review by: Andreas Georgi
Album assigned by: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

I am not familiar with Felt or any of Lawrence’s other work, and had not heard this one before. I have to admit right away that this album did not work for me. The album, released in the early 90’s deliberately harkens back to late 70’s new wave, and the vocals quite obviously imitate Lou Reed’s early work (think “I Feel Free”). The result is harmless enough. There is nothing that grates me. As far as poppy guitar driven new wave style music goes, it has decent hooks. The main problem with it for me is that the singer honestly gets on my nerves. The word “pastiche” comes to mind. This, to me anyway, seems like a fabricated attempt to recreate a sound from an earlier era, but lacking in the energy and creativity of the original. The lyrics certainly have their humorous moments, but the snarkiness and irony seems forced and wears a bit thin after a while.  
So, in summary my opinion of this album is lukewarm. Not bad, but not something I will go back to.

Author: tomymostalas


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