LENINE – O Dia Em Que Faremos Contato (1997)

Review by: Charly Saenz
Album assigned by: Victor Guimarães

This is a layman’s review on a prominent Brazilian music album (Caetano himself recommended it, so go figure!). God bless you for reading. My lawyer is at the moment in Copacabana, so please don’t sue me if I make too many mistakes or wrong assumptions.

The record starts off with “A Ponte”, a phone modem dialing into the internet (hey, children, you probably don’t know about this) and a boy talking about street music. “A Bridge” in english, in fact it indicates the intention of the album, to marry Brazilian popular music with Rock music elements, though, spoiler, it never attempts to betray its roots. Percussion is of course, the center of the music here, but there’s a strong electronic beat to back it up.
“Hoje Eu Quero Sair Só” (“Today I Want To Go Out Alone”) has a lovely intro with a laid back rock tone, Wah-Wah guitar effects in the distance. Great song, though a little over long. “Candeeiro Encantado” has a great bass line, and “Distantes Demais” is an inoffensive ballad that… has a total Tango feel (!) so it feels like home to me. “Que baque e esse” introduces itself as a piece of Hip hop music with a swirling guitar and vocal effects, and it mutates into an interesting mix with prominent horns included, slightly free-jazz in parts. “O Marco Marciano” instead begins with a raucous vocal part and doesn’t go anywhere from there.

The title track is a really an intoxicating song, with noises in the background, quite tribal and effective for the mistery of an extraterrestrial invasion. “Dois Olhos Negros” has a strong and well defined melody and nice work both for the rhythm guitar and the electric bits (with some hard rock riff at the end), it’s probably my favourite of the lot. 

I’ll say that it’s an interesting album though I feel it’s a little repetitive in parts, and though it tries for some fusion, it mostly uses rock instruments to give a different color to a good album of Brazilian popular music.

Author: tomymostalas


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