HELPER – Watch the Stove (2016)

Review by: Syd Spence
Album assigned by: Michael Strait

It’s a five song novelty trap mixtape. Does that sound good to you? Then get it, but to my ears it sounds pointless. The raps all have that generic choppy trap flow and the production is as generic as the flow. The joke is a half smile at best and not that original in the larger hip hop scene (the entirety of the Fat Boys career immediately comes to mind). Though the majority of this record stays in generic trap, one track in particular goes against the grain and that’s “Food for Your Soul” which is straight Nujabes worship i.e. jazzy background hip hop. The flow is pretty great on that track, though completely like every MC Nujabes had ever used. 

In summation, if you want food themed hip hop just get mm… Food by MF Doom. If you want Novelty food hip hop get a Fat Boys greatest hits. If you want trap get a Future record. If you want jazzy background hip hop get a Nujabes record. If you can’t wait till Weird Al Yankovic tackles trap, run, don’t walk to Helper’s Watch the Stove. 

Author: tomymostalas


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