SEMIRAMIS – Dedicato a Frazz (1973)

Review by: Charly Saenz
Album assigned by: A.A

Not only Semiramis was a prog rock band (genre that we associate with 30+ years old music virtuosos), but it also it was a teenager band. 15 year-old kids! See Backstreet Boys? You could have done better, no more excuses, go somewhere and get blisters on your fingers instead… Too late.
But well, back then in the early 70s you did this kind of thing. And they only released an album, talk about “Better to burn out”: One album may be enough if you do it good. And this is a darn fine album, with great vocals, Early Genesis winks (“La Bottega del Rigattiere”, gorgeous), circuses touches (Geez it’s so good), cute jazz flourishes and power chords: Early Crimson? Early Deep Purple? Not sure, this band is quite unique in the end.
“Luna Park” has those breaks with acoustic guitar, bits of pure melodic hard rock, and then it turns into a mighty keyboard attack like a million rabid mosquitos. “Uno Zoo di Vetro” becomes a movie soundtrack piece out of nowhere, then disappears. “Dietro una porta di carta” has a beautiful melody, “Clown” betrays the Circus inspiration of this album.
It all works fantastic, it’s a fun, engaging record clearly made by enthusiasts, and it deserves to be listened many times, so go and hunt for the vinyl, in Italy some 23u$s (Geez), that album cover is so fantastic that you may want a second one to hang from a wall. A Prog minor (because they were teens?) masterpiece. A pleasure indeed.
Time to listen to some Premiata Forneria Marconi, I think.
Peace and Out!

Author: tomymostalas


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