Roland and Nina’s DECADES IN MUSIC: 1965 – NINA SIMONE – Wild is the Wind

Review by: Nina A
Album assigned by: Roland Bruynesteyn

Nina Simone is known for many other things besides her beautiful deep voice and her complete mastery in utilising it in performance but this is the quality that stands out most on this and I am sure every other one of her records. Wild is the Wind, you may be surprised to learn, was compiled out of earlier records left-over tracks and yet the amount of iconic tracks on it make that hard to believe.
The title track, so evocative in its lyrics, and even more so in Nina Simone’s expert hand, is of course a stand out but I think I will give the honour of most important track to Four Women – a touching composition on the fates and struggles of four women of colour and by extension all women of colour, written in such vivid detail, and of course immense and tender sympathy. “A sister to all women” is a title I have often seen been given to Stevie Nicks and it is this title that comes to my mind when I listen to this song. In fact, I want to be these four women’s sister. And every woman’s sister. But um… moving on.
Most of the rest of the tracks are soulful numbers about love and Nina Simone stands out especially on the more emotional ones (not that there is anything wrong with the opener “I Love Your Lovin’ Ways). A surprise on the track list is a traditional standard “Black is The Color of My True Love’s Hair”, which beautiful subdued rendition does not sound out of place on the record at all.
The album closes on a strong note with the bluesy number “Either Way I Lose”, which may well be my personal favourite on here – but don’t worry, it faces a rigid competition, so definitely check this album out, especially if you are a fan of Nina Simone’s enigmatic presence and inspired delivery.

Author: tomymostalas


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