VIRUS – Agujero interior (1983)

Review by: Nina A

Album assigned by: Justo Barreto

With a name that makes me feel unclean and a bang of 80s synths and a rockabilly rhythm, Argentina’s Virus make their entrance on their third album – Agujero interior, which apparently translates as inner hole. Contrary to what the band and album names might lead you to expect, the album sounds as cute and as synth-laden as any early 80s offering – with the appropriate amount of hooks here and there and the correct vocal aesthetic on part of the vocalist Federico Moura. Almost everyone on the credits list, in fact, is called either Moura or Serra, and I have to say there is that vague warm and familiar feeling about this record – whether it stems from this band being the local town heroes or indeed a very nice tight-knit family.
Even so, this record doesn’t really explore the depths of human emotion (or at least it doesn’t musically sound like it does) and doesn’t appear to challenge the listener too much artistically. Among the moderately quirky up-tempo rockers of the first half and the mid-tempo rockers of the second half, the gentler almost-ballad “¿Qué hago en Manila?” stands out, and as far as I was able to ascertain it deals with the usual subject matter of gentler ballads – being in love, falling in love or looking for love, or indeed sighing about love.
In the end, I’ll confess to you that most of the rest of the songs on this album I can do with or without, but I do indeed appreciate the nice qualities of the song “¿Qué hago en Manila?” (the original recipe “¿Qué hago en Manila?” that comes forth on the track list rather than the estrade-suitable karaoke version which serves as an album closer), even if this makes me a generic mushy.

Author: tomymostalas


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