ORBITAL – In Sides (1996)

Review by: Charly Saenz
Album assigned by: Eric Pember

This album is pure Electronica, without major risks or surprises but lots of energy and a mission. Mostly instrumental, magnificent bass lines and decorating synths flourish here and there. It kicks off with “The Girl With The Sun In Her Head”, a title that already indicates one of the strong intentions of the album, that is Ecology. Yeah Greenpeace and all. 

“Petrol” with its birds effects is quite clear in its message too, the beat is heavily repeated but the song is slightly shorter. 

The piece that stands out in the album, is “The Box”, a multi-part song, with some welcome subtlety, will gradually grow on you with its pulsating bass and the little details here and there. Engaging electronica.
“Dŵr Budr” works on some effects that evoke water with some ominous sound that slightly grows and turns momentarily into a vocal theme. Another long song with a ritual dance bit in the middle, that becomes something else at about the 7 minute mark, loses a little focus but it’s a highlight in any case.

“Adnans”,  some sort of tale about robotic flower blossoming in terms of sound, has a background melody that should be more prominent. In the second part some ethereal harmonies take over, and were it not for the drone drums it could be a bit of Alan Parsons Project in the wild.

Not much to say about “Out There Somewhere”, a song that is perfect for a Sports Program intro. 

A good electronica album that won’t surely disappoint any fan of the genre.


Author: tomymostalas


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