A YEAR IN MUSIC: COCTEAU TWINS – Heaven or Las Vegas (1990)

Review by: Alex Alex

Almost none of the Cocteau Twins albums have “normal” lyrics, the songs featuring a random set of stupid short words instead. Because of this clever artistic decision all the Cocteau Twins albums sound exactly the same. Of those identical albums “Heaven or Las Vegas” is not the one you need. The one you need is “Treasure”.  You have to make sure you have “Treasure” in case you have any other Cocteau Twins albums, otherwise people may think you are an ignorant idiot. Once you have acquired “Treasure”, and trying to leave the market, they will try to sell you all the other Cocteau Twins albums. Those are simply accessories: chargers, earplugs, used condoms with the “Apple” logo. “Heaven or Las Vegas” is one such. Musically, in accordance to the long before established formula, an interplay between the boom-boom of a big, guitar-shaped phallus and the cultured, reserved and disciplined through the years orgasmic screams of a newly-born sperm it holds as fine as any of their previous work because new people are born naïve and remain so through all the suffering. 

Author: tomymostalas


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