XHOL CARAVAN – Electrip (1969)

Review by: Mark Maria Ahsmann
Album assigned by: A.A

You have to listen to it four times.
Some days ago I listened to this album three times and after that I had pretty much figured out what to write about it:
  • That it’s supposed to be krautrock though I wouldn’t know what’s so kraut about it. Except for the fact that it’s German.
  • That to my ears it sounded more like generic early 70’s jazzy and proggy rock with touches of canterbury style psychedelica.
  • That I’m not qualified to make comments on the quality of the album is this is the genre I have the least affinity with.
  • That all in all it sounds competent and original enough for a recommendation to those that love the genre.
  • Just not for me.
But tonight I happened to listen to the damn thing for a fourth time on my bike on the way from work and heard quite a few pleasant and groovy instrumental passages. I don’t have the time nor the patience to go for a fifth helping of Electrip though.
So you have to listen to it yourself. Me, I’m all confused. I’m not gonna listen to any music for at least a week.

Author: tomymostalas


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