STARS OF THE LID – The Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid (2001)

Review by: Andreas Georgi
Album assigned by: Eden Hunter

This is an album of ambient drones, and as such it’s difficult to say much about it. The music is very sparce, consisting of long tones made by sonically treated guitars or pianos, with occasional brief appearances of other instruments, sounds or spoken word, which fade in and out. Evidently there’s a bit of a Tarkovsky movie on one track, but it didn’t grab my attention. The various tracks feature different sonic “textures”, but the mood throughout is what I might call “meditative”. This is not music that you actively listen to, because not a heck of a lot is “happening”, and it is 2 hours long! The way to listen to this is to go about your day and let it soak in. I can see myself playing this on headphones trying to zone out on a long airplane flight, but this is not something I would sit down and listen to.
Normally I give an album 3 listens before reviewing, but for this one I settled for 1-1/2 (fell asleep reading the second time). I cannot say anything bad about it. The sound textures and moods are pleasant enough, and there is variety from piece to piece, but it’s pointless to try to give a track by track summary. Fans of ambient drone would probably like this, but honestly there isn’t much to draw me in, except, as mentioned, as a music to zone out to.

Author: tomymostalas


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